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Ah! The passion of romance. I try to write something for everyone’s tastes. I feel no two readers are alike. I could be wrong about that, but I highly doubt it. Yet, if you want to laugh, smile, and perhaps dig a little deeper into the psyche of ‘what if’ , then my books are what you are looking for.  I’ve heard they keep you guessing until the last page.

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If you want freebies…I’m not your girl. All other places “selling” my books are pirate sites looking for their next sucker and do not pay a dime to the author of copyrighted work. So please be aware. I’m not responsible for someone who wants a ‘freebie’ and gets scammed.
And now, for my Latest Releases…

43 and counting…

  A Kind of Insanity (contemporary suspense)
Kissed Desire (contemporary)
Aiden’s Place ( a steamy contemporary worth it’s weight)

Selatial’s Quest (a paranormal romance)

And  please don’t forget about my other novels released last year!

Elemental Instincts ( a contemporary romance)
  Lunar Eclipse (a romantic suspense)
Sahara ( a historical romance)

  What my readers are saying….

“If you love a great mystery, you will love her books.”

“Ms. Willow’s suspense novels keep you guessing from page one to the end. Add in romance, humor and lust, and you have one great read.”

“Ms. Willow writes small town suspense with truly believable characters and lots of humor. I’m looking forward to her next novel.”

   “So many twists and turns, she keeps you guessing.”

“The sass and spice make for a great read.”

“Couldn’t put it down, and begged for another in this series.”

“Can’t wait until she releases #50!!”

Happy Reading!

Jevenna Willow

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